Industry-specific board - custom aluminum alloy for the industry

Imported aluminum alloy, qualified supplier; reduce aluminum alloy procurement cost 5%-50%

Guaranteed genuine, fake one lost ten, leading domestic and foreign leading materials

Confirm the order and complete the delivery of the product within 24 hours

Imported aluminum alloy distributors, build 6S warehouse, the country's five major warehouses, sufficient stock

Provide technical support; provide aluminum alloy processing services; improve processing efficiency and reduce scrap rate

48 hours exchange; 1 hour feedback, 4 hours to set up a project team, propose a solution

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Aluminum alloy




  • Semiconductor equipment - New aluminum cavity
  • Semiconductor equipment components
  • Ultrasonic mold
  • Semiconductor cavity
  • Semiconductor lithography equipment
  • Ultrasonic equipment
  • Aircraft structural parts
  • Non-standard automation equipment
  • Navigation
  • Aviation
  • Welding tongs
  • Aerospace
  • Aviation parts

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  • Basketball, badminton! ! ! We are at every week

    Basketball, badminton! ! ! We are at every week, ,,,,,,In order to enrich the staff's cultural and recreational life and enhance the communication between employees, give full play to the te..........

  • 2016.August, China Fishing Village Xiangshan

    In August 2016, the company organized an outdoor team event---Ningbo Xiangshan. It has played a large-scale leisure seaside resort with the theme of “fishing culture folklore tour” and “seas..........

Common problem

  • Q: Continental developed a turbocharger using aluminum alloy shell

    A: Continental has developed a turbocharger that uses an aluminum alloy turbine casing。 Its weight is about 30% less than the original turbocharger。 It will be used on the BMW "MINIHatch" 1。。。。。。。。。。。

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